November 2018


I have been dealing with Julie for over 10 years in Colorado and Florida. She is not only the best inthe business, reachable 24/7, there to assist in anything you ask of her, but her relentless diligence is off the charts!


I urge everyone, no matter the size or price of your real estate, to contacct Julie. She is The Best . . . Foreget About the Rest!

Joni Walko

August 2018


Julie Gelfond went above and beyond to both sell my property, and help me purchase a new home.

Her insights and experience proved invaluable as she guided me through a very complex and challenging process.


Julie is extremely knowledgeable of every aspect of the area real estate market.  My home sold in the first week that it was listed, and Julie was committed to finding the right home for my children and I to move in to.    

We love our new home. 


Julie is a caring and dedicated individual and was a total pleasure to work with.  She even braved my moving day to bring a birthday cake to my youngest daughter!

Thank you, Julie!

L Miller

August   2015

Dear Julie,

Having recently completed an exceptional three-month stretch, you give me the great honor of recognizing  you as one of the NRT Top 1,000 Sales Associates for the second quarter of 2015, a performance that ranks you in the top 1% of the approximately 47,000 Sales Associates nationwide. Congratulations on this tremendous accomplishment! In fact, you are in the top half of this distinguished group.

With pending home sales on the rise throughout much of the country, it's no surprise that you've parlayed improving market conditions into tangible results through your talent, hard work and dedicated service to your clients. By its definition, you are a leader in our industry and I commend you onthe professionalism that has made you such an important contributor to the ongoing success of NRT. Thank you again for everything you do.

Encouraged by the increasingly positive market outlook, I'm confident that you'll continue to build on the momentum you've created and I wish you tremendous success moving forward.


Bruse Zipf

Bruce Zipt, President & CEO NRT LLC (National Realty Trust)

My wife and I were referred to Julie Gelfond by a professional in the real estate industry.  She and her husband had used Julie on the sale of their home and were very pleased.  What caught my attention and the reason we called Julie in the first place was this professional was with a competitor of Julie’s.

We knew that we would have a difficult sale.  The location of our house, the price point and finding a buyer who could qualify were our challenges.  From the start Julie was very professional and focused.  She talked to us about the quality of showings not the quantity.  She did extensive advertising and marketing not only to her prospective clients but to other agents as well.  We found her to be frank in her assessment of both the positive and negative features of our home. 

Once we signed the listing agreement, Julie brought in a staging professional to make subtle changes in the way the home was presented.  We were both amazed at how those changes enhanced our home. 

Every time the house had a showing Julie was diligent in providing us with feedback from both the prospective buyer and their agent.  In fact, I believe her reputation in the real estate community put us in front of some agents who may have otherwise not shown the property.

Once we had a contract and a qualified buyer we found Julie’s guidance through the contingencies portion of the transaction to be excellent.  Her network of service people who could repair, replace or service contingent items was outstanding.  We find the work to be of the highest quality and this helped to enhance the buyer’s confidence that items would be taken care of to their satisfaction.  Where this might be an area of contention between a buyer and a seller, it became a non event in our transaction.

There is no question in either of our minds that we would hire Julie again to buy or sell a home.  She is always accessible, easy to talk to and very through.  She made our experience a very happy one.  We cannot thank her enough.


Rick and Anne Fishel

Rick and Anne Fishel

October 28, 2013

We have known Julie Gelfond for 10 plus years. She has been a buyer's agent and a listing agent for two real estate transactions for us. We have been very pleased with her professionalism and knowledge. We have hired her once again to sell our current home and looking forward to a successful sale. We would recommend Julie Gelfond for your real estate needs without reservation.

Cat Carnes

October 28, 2013

Julie marketed and sold our ranch property in the mountains outside of Denver. This was a unique property so the target market was small and it was not an easy task to sell it. She had a strategic plan and implemented it well. We were especially impressed by her negotiation skills and the attention she paid to helping us with obtaining a contract with its many details and steps. She is knowledgeable, cheerful and a pleasure to work with. We recommend her highly


Barbara Knepshield

September 2013

Dear Julie,

Let me be the first to congratulate you on your earning a place amoug the NRT elite - one of our Top 1,000 Sales Assocites for the second quarter of 2013!

Based on your exceptional second quarter performace, your ability to meet the evolving needs of your clients remains beyond question. Your hard word, innovative practices and commitment to customer service are an inspiration. While talk of "turnaround markets" and "sales upticks" present further evidence of steady growth, the prospect of rising interest rates and continued inventory shortages pose real challenges. The one constant is the success of those real estate professionals, like yourself, who adapt to these changing conditions.

As a company with more than 41,000 Sales Assocaites strong, NRT will continue to use its leadership position to move our industry forward. With your contributions helping fuel that effort, I have tremendous confidence in our joint success. Congratulations, once again, on your wonderful achievement and all the best in the future.


Bruce Zipt

Bruce Zipt, President & CEO NRT LLC (National Realty Trust)

Dear Julie,

Thank you so much for your hard work on selling our loft.  We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.

I have always believed that a great real estate agent understands the many aspects of selling a property. 

  • Know the market and where to price the property 
  • Represent the property appropriately in quality marketing materials 
  • Be on site when a property is shown by another agent so the property is appropriately showcased 
  • Deal effectively with the negotiating process 
  • Manage the details as the property makes its way through the contractual aspects of the sale
  • Communicate with the seller whether it’s good news or bad. 
  • And in the case of both properties you have sold for us, handle all the onsite details (repairs required, keys, coordinating landscapers, handyman, etc.) for people who are in another city while the property is being marketed and sold

There are agents who are pretty good at dealing with one or two of these aspects of selling a property.  You are the rare one who can handle it all and you do it all so well!  You get an A+, 100%, 5 stars in all the above categories on my score card!!

Rob and I want to thank you for your efforts on our behalf.  Please, when you want to visit us in California let me know!  You are invited anytime!!  (Larry too!!!)  We would love to see you.

My very best,


Thomas R Billadeau

"As the former president of Coldwell Banker, United Realtors in Houston, Texas and The Carolinas, Charlotte, NC (now retired) I had the opportunity to refer one of my close friends to Julie Gelfond, who works with Coldwell Banker Devonshire in Denver, CO. I conducted a lot of research to determine the right person to handle the sale of my friend's multi-million dollar property. Finally after much research I found Julie and decided to give her the referral. My friends were very excited to have Julie handle the sale of their home and remarked to me several times how much they loved working with her and how professional she was about her task of selling their home. The home sold and as a matter of fact Julie sold it herself! One of the things that made this transaction successful was the way Julie handled crisis as they arose. She was never rattled or discouraged, she just figured out a way to make it work!

I would highly recommend Julie to anyone who has a home to sell or wants to purchase a home. She is especially good at selling upper tier multi-million dollar properties and sets up a marketing plan that reaches all over the world. She is truly a professional and does what she says she will do. My friends are I were both more than well pleased with the way she goes about her work.

You may feel free to call me at 281-253-7183 if you have any questions you may have with regards to how successfully and smoothly this transaction was handled by Julie." 

~ Wallace D Perry

"As a Wall St. CEO, I recognize superior salesmanship and service when I see it. The Gelfond team is unparalleled in that respect. From the first moment we met Julie, our family was extraordinarily impressed by her warmth, sincerity, and tenacity. She showed genuine interest in our family, lifestyle, needs, and dreams. Julie listened intently and understood us and what we wanted in a home and neighborhood. Her execution on those dreams was perfect and awe-inspiring. The support and follow-through by both Brooke Franklin and Chris Drage was seamless, and they are wonderful to work with as well. The entire process was easy and fun. Julie's intelligence and savvy proved instrumental in procuring the home in which we now live and love. We have never experienced a more ideal realtor/client relationship and we will never call on anyone else for our property needs anywhere in the world. " 

~ Richard and Sherrie Prati

"Recently we had the pleasure meeting and purchasing a condominium through Julie Gelfond. We have purchased and sold numerous homes in the past in the multimillion dollar range and have never been so impressed with the professionalism and attention to detail she exhibited.

Her subsequent follow-up and persistence was responsible for the continuation of negotiations which ultimately resulted in the sale. It is important to note that the offer we had made was at a standstill and the potential purchse was dead. She is solely responsible for the successful acquisition of our new property. We are very pleased with her and will refer her to all without hesitation.

As we prepare to ready the condo and make the move, she continues to be of invaluable assistance with resources and contacts. She is just incredible!" 

~ Douglas Rumberger and Sarah Drohan

"I don't believe anyone could have done a better job,..."

"I am writing to commend Julie Gelfond for the excellent work she did in helping us sell our home in Cherry Creek North.

When I began evaluating companies and brokers to represent us, I initially excluded Julie because she was our next door neighbor. Even though we knew each other only on a wave-and-a-smile basis, I was reluctant to do business with a neighbor. However, when I called Julie to let her know this, the first words out of her mouth were, "John, I think you're making a BIG mistake." I had already interviewed four of the top agents in our neighborhood, and I was very favorably impressed by three of them. However, I could tell by Julie's immediate and confidant response that she was the person I wanted to represent us.

Subsequent events proved both of us right. Julie's hard work, business acumen, judicious advice, diplomatic skills, and baby-sitting efforts (on both sides of the transaction) resulted in a quick sale in a slow market at a price well above appraised value. I don't believe anyone could have done a better job, and I appreciate the excellent service Julie and Coldwell Banker provided." 

~ John N. Edwards